Printed Inner Liner Paper Without Aluminum

printed inner liner paper without aluminum is one of cigarette inner packing material, as same function as aluminum foil paper.

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Printed Inner Liner Paper Without Aluminum

With coating on the surface of the backing paper. Due to its low air permeability, good waterproof and barrier performance, good formability and other characteristics, it is an ideal material for cigarette packaging with fragrance and moisture-proof function requirements, energy saving and environmental protection.

Natural degradation, suitable for classified recycling, in line with the environmental protection concept of energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon life.

Tenical Info


Total Grammage gsm 65gsm
Total thickness mic 49
Moisture Content % 3.72
Width mm 82mm
Bobbin Length m 1500
Pipe inner diameter mm 76
Smell OK
Appearance Quality OK
Packaging Quality OK


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