Hot Stamping Tipping Paper

Hot Stamping Tipping Paper is for Cigarette Making and Packaging,Papers can be perforated up to 4 lines of perforation and porosities well above 1000 CU.

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Tipping paper is an ornamental paper obtained by printing and coating the tipping paper and other processing methods, and has the effect of improving the appearance of cigarettes. Now, the perforated tipping paper and the high permeable paper also have the effect of reducing nicotine and tar levels. In addition, in order to improve the decorative properties of tipping paper and air permeability, some tipping paper also needs to be gilded and punched after printing.

The production of tipping paper is mainly the use of paint (paste) or ink for Matsubaji paper gravure printing, printing color
old, dull, silky texture. Through the printing and cutting and rewinding of the cork paper, it can meet the requirements of the tipping paper in terms of appearance and inner quality, and can meet the work requirements of the high speed filter assembling machine.

We can provide papers up to 8 colors, laminated with aluminum, white, with colored lines and/or logos, with application of sweeteners. All papers are available with or without lip release and can be used by low, medium and hi-speed makers.

We supply laser perforated tipping paper. Laser technique is electronically controlled and allows a better control over
electrostatic perforation. The result is a better ventilation control on the cigarette. Papers can be perforated up to 4 lines of perforation and porosities well above 1000 CU.

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